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Conference Name Weaving True Colors through Annie’s Project

Amy Durand


Make the impact of the True Colors curriculum last longer than the first evening of Annie’s Project by Weaving True Colors through Annie’s Project. How do we use the values, joys, strengths, frustrations and needs of the True Colors spectrum to mitigate risk in the five different risk areas? How can we also use those traits to aide in the communication, company climate and the farm decision making that is happening right now on every farm in America?
In this workshop, we will dig deeper into the communication and leadership styles of the gold, green, blue and orange in each person’s color spectrum. We will look at the five areas of risk and discuss how using communication clues during different risk management activities, such as budgeting, lease negotiation, record keeping, financial analysis, grain marketing, etc.
Participants will leave this workshop with “Food For Thought” closing activities that bring together True Colors theory with common Annie’s Project activities, resources on opposites and connections, communication clues, building esteem, leadership styles and more.