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Conference Name When Death Happens-Helping Farm Families Get their Affairs in Order

David Marrison


When a family member passes away, it is usually a very difficult time emotionally for family members. This difficult time can become even more frustrating when heirs begin to settle their loved one’s estate if the farm and personal records are in disarray or non-existent. The need for this program was determined through the many requests on evaluations conducted at farm succession and estate planning workshops. To help Ohio residents better equip their heirs, a planning document was developed to help families consolidate their financial and personal information into one easy document. Included in this document are the location of important papers, a listing of family advisors, and all the account information for bank accounts, life insurance policies, and assets and liabilities. This document was developed using Extension resources from across the country and by consulting with estate planning attorneys. This document was pilot tested through educational programs and webinars in 2013. This presentation will share the PDF writeable document and how Educators can use it to help their communities plan for the future.

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