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Conference Name Women in Agriculture Program Evolution

Shannon Dill


Educational programs that target Women in Agriculture are more abundant than ever. Maryland and Delaware are no exception to this trend. This year marks the 13th Regional Women in Agriculture Conference and 6th year for Annie’s Project. Along with these programs, farm tours, social media, quarterly newsletters and the introduction of Annie’s Project: Managing for Today and Tomorrow have occurred.

This poster will highlight the development and impacts of the Women in Agriculture initiative. Since 2008 Annie’s Project has expanded and reached 14 unique sites in Maryland and Delaware educating 413 women in agriculture. Additionally a multistate conference is held each year reaching approximately 150 women in agriculture. Through these networks a quarterly newsletter has been created to stay in touch with participants as well as social media sites, FaceBook and Pinterest. Other specialized training has been conducted as well as reunions and farm tours of participants’ agricultural operations.

End of class and follow up evaluations are conducted for educational programing and have had significant results. Class participants leave the program with a high intent to write business and marketing plans, use computers, check credit reports, prepare financial statements, update estate plans, purchase insurance and positively increase community and family relations.