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Conference Name Women´s Risk Management Education-Annie´s Project

Bob Wells


The target audience for Annie’s Project is farm and ranch women involved with the farm business. The commonality of participants is they want to learn more about their farming and ranching operation and want the business to prosper. Each participant comes with a positive attitude, wanting to learn and meet others in similar situations. During the class participants grow as individuals through increased knowledge and resource access. Beyond the classroom, participants continue to increase their knowledge, but they also grow from the mentor/mentee relationships built with peer participants, instructors and practitioners that last for years.

Annie’s Project coordinates educational processes encompassing a practical, broad vision of farm business management. It targets relevant subjects and promotes group dynamics through developing support networks. Annie’s Project concentrates on providing farm management education in five risk management areas: (1) production, (2) marketing, (3) financial, (4) legal and (5) human resources.

A successful Annie’s Project requires a mix of educators, professionals and practitioners with different skill sets, willing to partner for a common cause and communicate formally and informally the goals and outcomes for learners, while harnessing group dynamics that enhance the learning experience.

The poster also documents reasons Annie’s Project has grown from 2003’s ten participant class in Kankakee, Illinois, to today’s twenty one states educating over 2000 participants annually.