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Conference Name A Searchable National Enterprise Budget Database and Website

Damona Doye


As the number of state and area farm management specialists dwindle, developing and maintaining a wide selection of high quality, in-depth programs in every state becomes more difficult. Enterprise budgets are a resource often sought by producers, lenders, and government officials for use in farm business plans, risk analysis for agricultural production systems, and taxation and land value assessment. However, budgets are time-consuming to build and maintain, with little professional rewards for doing so in many states. In 2001, the Southern Extension Farm Management Committee (SEFMC) undertook an initiative to expand awareness of available enterprise budget generators, catalog existing enterprise budget resources in a searchable database, and explore opportunities to collaborate across state lines in budget development. At the same time, the Center for Farm Financial Management initiated a database-development effort to offer links to enterprise budgets via the national risk management library. Following a national enterprise budget conference in 2003, efforts to merge the best features of national budget sites began. This poster introduces the searchable database and website designed to make budget resources from land-grant universities accessible in “one stop”. The poster allows viewers see sample output through screen captures and sample reports. Website users can search for budgets by state, university or organization, crop, livestock enterprise, tillage system, size of farm, format, and contact person. Summary statistics on number and kind of budgets included can be presented in graphical format. Methods for adding and updating budgets will also be explained.

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