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Conference Name Balancing Competing Committments

Margaret Viebrock


Women agriculture producers face unique challenges with the demands of both the farm and the family. Equally important is the challenge to take care of themselves and potentially extended family. Family and work priorities are often in conflict with each other, causing stress, hardship to family health, personal relationships and diminishing financial resources.

There will always be competing commitments that get in the way of doing what is really most important. Sometimes doing the quick and easy thing means a check mark on the daily list of accomplishments. Many people believe if they just had more time, they could get more done. There will never be more time in the day. Managing time requires the distinction between what is important and what is urgent. The answer to getting more done is balancing competing commitments.

Learn how to conquer the clutter in your life and then get rid of your biggest time wasters. It may sound easy, but without a plan, it never happens. Find out how to change your life, using seven easy steps. Be prepared to make some changes that will affect your productivity, help you accomplish the most important things and bring a better balance to your life.