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Conference Name Measuring Program Outcomes

Margaret Viebrock


Measuring Program Outcomes

Do you find it difficult to measure program outcomes? Some educators end up designing an evaluation tool after the program is put together and even presented. “Oops , they say, I need to show impact and how am I going to do it now?”

This session will lead participants through a process of first deciding why you want to evaluate an educational program and then designing the methods to get the outcomes you want. There is no single best way to evaluate your educational programs. However, the techniques you plan to use need to be developed at the same time you are planning your educational programs.

Women farmers tend to answer certain types of evaluation questions better than others. The way you ask the questions will determine the rate of return. A variety of successful ways to measure outcomes and report impacts will be explained. The process to measure outcomes is not difficult, but it requires a systematic approach to get the answers you need.

The value of your educational programs and the ability to measure outcomes and impacts is important for determining program success, receiving grants, winning awards and job promotion.

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