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Conference Name Bring in the Bucks

Beth Osmund


Getting paid in a timely manner and maximizing the percentage that you keep are cornerstones to managing a business.

This session will explore and explain a variety of ways for farmers who direct market their products through farmer’s markets, CSA, farm stands, on-line sales, freezer meat and other sales channels to collect payments from their customers
Of course, we always take cash, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of various other forms of payment? Included in the discussion will be credit card readers (Square Up, etc.), cashless and mobile payment systems like Google Wallet, direct bank to bank transfer services such as ClearXchange, and online services like PayPal.

With all of these options out there, how does a farmer know which to use? The presentation will also include personal examples from my farm on which services we use and a take away chart that collects information to compare and contrast.