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Conference Name Leadership Voices from the Farm

Beth Osmund


For eleven years Beth Osmund has been building a successful farm business with her husband Jody. Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm is a unique direct-to-consumer livestock farm, raising a variety of animals and connecting with customers through their Community Supported Agriculture marketing and sales.

In that time, they have also assumed a leadership role in their professional community. Beth has spoken at many local, state and national conferences, represented the Midwestern region of Slow Food, USA at Terra Madre, a biennial conference in Turin, Italy, and currently serves on the board of Slow Food Chicago. Jody has served on the Illinois Food, Farms and Jobs Council and is a driving force in the currently forming Band of Farmer’s (a Chicago land CSA Coalition).

Beth will present on the importance of cultivating leadership from within the ranks of farmers and producers. This is an exciting time to be involved in food and farming; more consumers than ever are concerned and informed about how and where their food is being grown. More are interested in, once again, establishing a connection with the farmers that produce their food. It is critical that those farmers have the skills and opportunities to make those connections and to drive the discussion in the years to come.

In this presentation you will learn how the Osmund’s found their voice, gained confidence and took on leadership and how Extension educators can support and facilitate those skills in the farmers you serve.

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