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Conference Name Connecting with Consumers - At the Farm Table

Beth Osmund


At Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm we believe that true wealth is an interconnected web of mutually beneficial relationships. Relationships are built on and nourished by communication.

Our main marketing channel since beginning our farm in 2002 has been Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) so building relationships is essential, both for our own well being and the financial success of our business. Learn how we strive to make our members and customers feel that they are joining us around the farm table.

Our communication toolbox has developed though the years. There are so many ways to communicate now that finding the best way to connect is an always evolving challenge.

In this presentation audience members will gain insight into the effective use of a wide variety of communication tools that we use to build and maintain relationships; including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, electronic newsletter, personal emails, website, and blogs.

These tools are wonderful, but with so many jobs competing for attention on the farm we’ve had to learn to be strategic in their use. So I’ll also share a communication matrix that I’ve developed to help us organize and focus our message.

This presentation will share one farm’s example of a successful communication strategy and give audience members take-away a tool to share with their farmer clients.