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Conference Name Celebrating Annie’s Project 10th Anniversary and RME Partnerships

Ruth Hambleton, Madeline Schultz, and Lynn Hambleton Heins


Annie’s Project was established by Ruth Hambleton in 2003 with a $2,000 grant from Deb Rood’s NC-RME Women in Agriculture program. The program has grown from one course in Illinois that first year, to nearly 400 courses in 30 states over ten years. This poster will highlight the past, present and future of Annie’s Project and celebrate the ten years of involvement with the Risk Management Education Centers. Annie’s Project is a methodology for delivering multi-session educational programs to women farmers and ranchers that leads to transformational learning. The methods include educator teamwork, needs assessment, curricula adaptation, local small-group delivery, local partnerships, program evaluation and participant follow-up. There are high expectations the courses will provide valuable management tools, encourage life-long learning and empower women to actively engage in managing risk. Annie’s Project is designed to be widely adaptable within guidelines. Local educators strive to adhere to key principles with every course taught: 1) Teach all five areas of agricultural risk management; financial, human resources, legal, marketing and production, 2) Allocate half of class time to discussion and hands-on activities, 3) Invite local practitioners and service providers to serve as guest instructors, 4) Provide unbiased, research-based information applicable to local needs, and 5) Create a learning environment where mentoring is spontaneous.