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Conference Name Crop Marketing and Production Contract Considerations

Ron Haugen


As a result of a Risk Management Education Grant and other resources, the North Dakota State University Extension Service provided an educational effort discussing crop marketing and production contract considerations.

In 2011 and 2012, eleven production contract and crop marketing presentations were held (ten in North Dakota and one in Minnesota). Total attendance was 556. Most attendees were commodity producers, but some attendees were grain elevator managers and commodity buyers. All aspects of commodity contracts were discussed including, price, quantity, shortfalls, delivery, pricing of overrun, legal rights, arbitration and counterparty risk. The presentations were tailored for both sellers and buyers.

The objective of this program was to educate and inform participants on all aspects of commodity contracts so they could make economic and marketing decisions by minimizing risk.

The presentation to the Extension Risk Management Education National Conference includes an overview of presentation content and a description of the project. Conference attendees could use the information and adapt it for their own programming.

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