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Conference Name Developing New and Beginning Farmers and Ranchers using a Model Farms Concept

Alfred L. Parks, Billy Lawton, Nelson Daniels, Peter Ampim, and Na'Shon Edwards


The aim of this project is to Develop New Farmers and Ranchers through a "Model Farms Concept" which is an innovative and unique approach to developing and sustaining the next generation of agricultural producers. The Model Farm Concept utilized established farming and ranching operations as models to demonstrate best practices of successful farming and ranching operations. These model farms, which included the University┬┤s farm, served as teaching and demonstration sites as well as locations for field days, workshops and other educational activities. The "Model Farms" consisted of both whole farming operations where multiple enterprises were optimized as well as enterprise specific operations, specializing in high value specialty enterprises. The goals of the project were accomplished through the following objectives:1)to establish models farms at the university and on selected participant farms in selected counties, 2) to provide scale-appropriate instructional and experiential training in production, marketing, management, and risk management, 3)To develop effective partnerships with BFRs, CBOs, NGOs, state and federal agencies, USDA, and others, 4) to develop a BFR data for continuous follow-up, monitoring, and information dissemination. The expected outcome was that the project will reach upwards of 8,000 potential new BFRs and establish 300-400 new BFRs.