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Conference Name Missouri Farm Leasing Curriculum

Brent Carpenter, Darla Campbell, Karisha Devlin, Joe Koenen, Jessica Gordon, Mary Sobba, and Wesley Tucker


University of Missouri Extension will launch a new comprehensive curriculum on farm leases in 2016. Six hours of content comprising ten units have been developed, including: Missouri farm leasing law, contract provisions, fixed and flexible cash leases, crop and livestock share leases, building leases, equipment leases, and hunting leases.

The curriculum is designed to be delivered by regional extension specialists to farm audiences. It includes an instructor manual, a slide deck for each unit, a participant take-home manual, and supplemental reference materials.

The curriculum has grown out of an innovative approach initiated by the MU agriculture and natural resources extension program to address a critical need of strengthening program content and delivery in several high-demand subject matter areas.

The process brought together six experienced field specialists from across the state to develop subject matter content over many months. The key to success has been to identify a non-extension team leader/advisor to herd cats and bring professional skills in learning concepts and curriculum development. The appointment of a post doc fellow from the MU Department of Ag Education and Leadership has leveraged dispersed subject matter expertise into a coherent, consistent product that will be especially valuable for early career specialists.

Portions of the curriculum have been field tested and the final product is being be vetted by internal and external reviewers.

This presentation will discuss lessons learned in the curriculum development process and demonstrate specific components of the content.