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Conference Name Outlook and Policy Briefings for Missouri Producers

Brent Carpenter


The Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) at the University of Missouri has a long history of providing research-based information that integrates global markets and policy.

In the winter of 2004-05, FAPRI directly reached 1000 plus producers and agricultural advisors through a series of policy and outlook briefings. Presentations evolved from FAPRI’s team approach to stochastic modeling of all the major commodities. Major topics in this round of briefings included:
• Potential impacts of the World Trade Organization’s rulings on U.S. farm policy
• Asian soybean rust implications on production and financial management
• Market and policy impacts of beef and cattle trade with U.S. trading partners
• Market outlook for major Missouri commodities—short and long term
• Financial implications for Missouri representative farms, under risk, with projections of term debt capacities and cash flow deficit risk, 2005-2009.

In support of these efforts, FAPRI has redesigned the web site and added a section specifically for Missouri farmers to include risk management educational information for financial planning and crop marketing strategies.

Participant response to date indicates that farm-level decisions are being made as a result of the information being delivered, e.g., marketing and cropping plans for 2005, financial management with projected market prices and uncertainty, and policy positions taken within commodity organizations.

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