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Conference Name Opperating an Inovative and Adaptable Small Scale Farm - A Producer´s Story

Beth Osmund


Beth and Jody Osmund began Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm seven years ago, moving back to family farm land from the suburbs of Chicago. What began as a 30 member vegetable CSA has evolved into Illinois’ first meat CSA. We now deliver a variety of beef, pork, chicken and eggs to more than 250 members each month.

In my presentation I’ll give the “big picture” of how two new farmers/business owners have created a thriving enterprise that meets several goals: provides sustainably raised meat to a growing member base, helps to promote the success of neighboring farms by working in partnership with other producers, and fully supports our family of five.

I’ll share how along the way we have learned to be marketers, grant writers, employers, mentors, teachers, local food activists and farmers. We’ve learned the value of creating mutually beneficial relationships with many stakeholders. I’ll explain our success in partnering with complementary small businesses as delivery locations.

I have spoken at the Illinois Organic Food Conference , the Great Lakes CSA Conference (Guelph, Ontario, Peoria Illinois IDEA (Initiative for Developing Entrepreneurs in Agriculture) and served as farmer faculty at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute and Stateline Farm Beginnings CRAFT program.

I look forward to relating our story to your audience.