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Conference Name Retail Farm Market School

John Berry


We thought you may be interested in an educational opportunity for retail farm market personnel. This workshop has been delivered in several locations over the years. School evaluations indicate participants gain considerable self-confidence and develop enhanced retailing skills because of their active involvement in this workshop. Retail Farm Market School is a day long course designed for retail farm and farmers´ market employees. This program provides basic knowledge in the science of produce and the art of produce marketing. The material is appropriate for new employee training and as a refresher for existing employees.

The course is valuable for anyone that handles, processes, or merchandises fresh market produce. This day-long School includes several education delivery methods including professional produced video segments, take-home text, post-harvest handling references, hands-on activities and a “certification quiz”. This class provides employees with knowledge and skills for responding to customer needs.
Course content includes:
Produce Handling
Produce Quality
Produce Merchandising
Customer Service
One feature of this training that has appealed to marketers and their customers in the past is that successful participants receive certification. Part of being a professional, feeling like a professional is knowing your job thoroughly and feeling comfortable and secure with your skills. Improving self image as well as improving the image of your company in your customers’ eyes is the goal of this program.

Participants in this session will learn of the experinces we have had developing, delivering and evaluating this curriculum.

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