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Conference Name The Master Marketer Program and Producer Outcomes

Emmy Kiphen, Lindsey Higgins, and J. Mark Welch


Master Marketer is a risk management curriculum offered annually through the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service focusing on wheat, corn, sorghum, cotton, and livestock producers. The program concentrates on teaching better risk management with the fluctuations of markets, the economy, technology, and weather. The education base of the program stems from knowing what moves the market and drives prices, leading to advantages for producers and their future.

Upon completion of the Master Marketer course, a 2.5 year post evaluation is mailed to determine participants’ changes in marketing practices, development of market outlooks, use and knowledge of risk management strategies, and price impacts. With an average return rate of 60%, the 2.5 year post evaluation of the Master Marketer Program reveals an average increase of $35,000 in receipts, attributed to the knowledge gained in the Master Marketer Program. Depending on the size of the operation, a net price increase of only 2-5% could lead to such results (being 2-5% more efficient).

The purpose of this poster is to determine the elements that make for a successful experience with the Master Marketer Program and gain a better understanding of the producers that are most likely to benefit from this type of program. A larger insight into the factors that lead to increased returns for the producers will have influences on risk management and marketing programs across the country. The end result is intensive marketing education in developing marketing techniques, futures and options, marketing plans, and technical analysis.